ProForm Hybrid Trainer

Following are some customers’ shopping experiences. Let’s see how they are going with this ProForm Hybrid Trainer now. Is it good value for money? Does it work well? Or it is trouble to handle with? Or something that we can not image happens?

First is the customer from Ohio.
This is the best exercise equipment I had ever used! This is the best decision I made. I can use the Recumbent Bike when my low back is bothering me and the Elliptical at other times. I can choose different workouts and different strides for the pedals on one machine and put the pedals closer if I need to and farther away if I’m feeling good. It’s also very well put together and very sturdy. Now I am glad I had bought this one, which will get a lot of use. Great price for a perfect workout machine with free shipping! Doesn’t get much better than that! If you’re thinking about it, BUY IT!

Then let’s see another customer, what’s his feeling?
This ProForm Hybrid Trainer is a great product for someone with knee of feet issues and can’t do a lot of walking. With ease of assembly and solid material, it is really exceed my expectation. It is easy but comfortable to use. The device is sturdy and the electronics work better than expected. What is more, it does not take up too much space. For the price, this is a wonderful machine. It is my opinion that it is consistent with what one would expect from a far more costly piece of equipment. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a trainer at home to keep healthy.

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